Fitting in fitness on the go

 Is this how you spend your mornings? Yeah…Who has time for that!  

Hello everyone, so this is the beginning stages of my first attempt to blog. I know finding the time to workout is a challenge in my life. I will try to keep you all updated on my workout routines and progress. If you have ideas to share that may help my followers please share. We all need motivation to stay fit and live healthier lives.

Talk to everyone soon!

RESOLVE to SOAR in 2013

The Running Project, ETC.

As 2012 closes, and we approach the New Year, there is always a sense of starting over, and getting that chance to do things right in the coming year.  So many of us do want to find ways to better our lives for ourselves and for our families.  The start of a New Year, gives us the opportunity to reset our goals in many facets of our lives, giving us hope for a better future.

 The majority of the public (approximately 80% of the population) is considering ways to get in shape, lose weight, or reach a new level of fitness in 2013.  Perhaps it is because I hang out at a running shoe store, but I have gotten the sense lately that there is an urgency of sorts and that this upcoming year will be different somehow. 

Earlier this month, the University of Scranton, published a study in the

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